Description of the park

“Białogóra” Nordic Walking Park and “Dębki” Nordic Walking Park consists of over 63 kilometers of routes of various levels of difficulty, intended both for people who start their adventure with Nordic walking, as well as for those who are looking for a sports challenge.

The parks includes 7 routes - 4 in Białogóra and 3 in Dębki. The entrance to the routes is located in two places: at the starting point of the seaside promenade in Białogóra and at the bridge over the river Piaśnica in Dębki.

The routes are led along beautiful dirt roads and forest paths. On the paths there are boards with suggestions of exercises to be performed on your own, and heart rate measurement points allowing you to monitor the heart rate range at which we cover the route. The routes have common points - they overlap or cross. This allows for any lengthening, shortening of walks or changing the direction of the march. The offer is addressed not only to Nordic walking enthusiasts, but also to lovers of other disciplines, such as runners and cyclists.

An additional attraction are the didactic paths, overlapping with the green routes in Białogóra and Dębki. After scanning the QR code or entering the address in the search engine, we will receive instructions and tasks to be performed. More information below.



Routes available

Do you have any questions? Would you like to suggest a new route? write to us or call: 600 990 181. We will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions.

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