Description of the park

Tyrawa Wołoska Commune Nordic Walking Park

Tyrawa Wołoska Commune Nordic Walking Park is one of seven parks of this type marked out in the area of “the Green Bieszczady” Local Action Group. The Park includes one route: marked in red, 10 km long - in the out-and-back system, which connects Rozpucie with Hołuczkowo. The entrance to the route is located in two places: in the car park by the national road No. 28 in Rozpucie and in the recreational area near the village hall in Hołuczkowo. The route was led along dirt and tarmac roads. The proposition is aimed at nordic walking enthusiasts as well as at runners, cyclists and nordic skiers. The other six Nordic Walking Parks are located in the communes of Czarna, Lutowiska, Olszanica, Sanok, Solina and Ustrzyki Dolne. The total length of the seven Nordic Walking Parks is 117 km.


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