‘Mirzec’ Nordic Walking Park


‘Mirzec’ Nordic Walking Park is one of the eight parks of this kind marked out in the area of operation of the Local Action Group ‘Razem na Piaskowcu’. In the commune of Mirzec we invite you to a clearly marked Nordic walking route - a green loop with a length of 4.9 kilometers.  The entrance to the route is located next to the Commune Culture and Integration Center in Mirzec. The route is marked out along local roads with little traffic. There is a board mounted on the route - a pulse measuring point, which allows you to monitor the range of heart rate at which you cover the route. The remaining seven Nordic Walking Parks marked out in the area of activity of the Local Action Group “Razem na Piaskowcu” are located in the following communes: Borkowice, Chlewiska, Jastrząb, Mirów, Orońsko, Skarżysko Kościelne and Szydłowiec. The total length of the routes in the five parks is 54 kilometers.


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